Project 1: She Must Count  


As a group we have been supporting Food For Life Vrindavan (FFLV) for the past six years, we have visited several times, spent a considerable amount of time with the children and the fabulous people who dedicate their lives to making sure they get an education. 

FFLV is a charity based in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, one of the most populous states in India. The charity has built and manages two schools and currently educates 1300 girls, feeds them daily, provides outreach food and help to their families, and generally supports them in completing their education. These girls are from very poor families who would not otherwise be able to go to school at all. All this is paid for through the charity which is supported mostly by individuals and a few corporate sponsors.

“A girl’s education in rural India is not considered of importance in society. FFLV and we at Without Exception Films think it is very important”.



Phase 1

We will create short films of between 90 and 120 seconds that bring to life the themes and lives of the girls who are students at the Sandipani Muni and the Kiki Nangla schools in Vrindavan run by FFLV. The films will be led by a celebrity host who will take part in the activities alongside one or two of the girls, allowing our audience to better capture the extent of difficulty experienced by these girls in the supposedly simple tasks like of going to school, staying in school, preparing a meal and doing homework. 

Using the social media of our celebrity host and our own social media to target specific groups we will launch the films over a period of a week alongside the LA Film Festival, to get the maximum coverage, through Facebook and Youtube. The films will include a call to action on the part of our audience to spread the message on their social media using various shareable shots, competitions and hash tags and to donate either by text or via the FFLV website that will be linked to the video.

There will be a period of build up before the release of the films supported by media attention and PR, and a continued presence after the films with live events and screenings and smaller events in different states led by individuals who support FFLV.


We will elaborate on the shorter films and create a longer style documentary that examines in more depth the underlying social issues that affect girls in India and look for solutions can be found at a local, governmental and global level. Looking at the current statements that “poverty is sexist” ( we will discuss the knock on effects of the epidemic of poverty and its effects on girls and women. We will examine different cultures and ask questions about how patterns can be changed not just in developing countries but also in most every reach of society in order to provide gender equality in education and so too in life.

This phase will require additional funding. Please contact us if this is a project you would be interested in hearing more about with a view to being involved as a research volunteer or funder.

Photos taken by Ineke Zondag.

Photos taken by Ineke Zondag.

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"When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous."

– Michelle Obama